H1 2024 People Analytics SuccessFactors Release Update

I will focus mainly on Story Report updates in the current H1 2024 SuccessFactors Release for People Analytics. It is time again for a new release update in SuccessFactors. The H1 2024 was pushed to Preview Environments last weekend (19.04.2024) and is ready for production in May (17.05.2024). In this article I want to share recent news about the updated Retirement Timelines of Legacy Reporting Tools, the most important release […]


SAP SuccessFactors Legacy Reporting Abschaltung – Jetzt Story Reporting!

Schon vor einigen Jahren gab es einen ersten Versuch die alten Reporting Tools (Canvas, Ad-Hoc, YouCalc und BIRT Templates) in SuccessFactors abzuschalten und mit Story Reporting (People Analytics) abzulösen. Damals mit einem 3-Jahres-Plan. Die Pläne hat man aber verworfen, weil die adoption gebremst wurde durch die manchmal sehr aufwendige IAS Implementierung. Es war aber immer klar, dass die Abschaltung nur aufgeschoben ist. Legacy Reporting – Was wird abgeschaltet? Alle alten […]

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People Analytics in SAP SuccessFactors

People Analytics (also known as HR Analytics) is not really new but reflects a trend within the Human Resource department in the recent years. It is sometimes hard to catch up with new technology and Buzzwords. In People Analytics we may also talk about Machine Learning, Predictive Modeling, Blockchain or Organizational Network Analysis. Finding a better way using people’s data to tell stories, answer questions and be aware of issues […]

Abb1 SF Reporting Artikel - Vergleich

SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics (on HANA)

There has been a lot of new information and discussion around SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics since the Berlin SuccessConnect in June 2018. There have been several good articles and wrap-ups, but some also leave room for interpretation or are missing some important details. With this article, I want to catch up from the perspective of August 2018 and give you some more news. I also want […]


IAS für People Analytics

Alles Schritte zum Aktivieren des IAS People Analytics Story Reporting liefert das, worauf viele SAP SuccessFactors Kunden seit Jahren warten. Viele zögern aber noch, weil der IAS (Identity Authentication Store) als technische Voraussetzung fehlt. Wenn Story Reporting erst mal aktiviert ist, kann man die Umstellung Schritt für Schritt angehen.  1 Integration initiieren 1.1 Ausführen des Upgrades: „SuccessFactors SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication Service-Integration initiieren“ im SuccessFactors Upgrade Center 1.1.1 Dieses Upgrade verbindet […]